Compensation for Late Flights: Things You Need To Know About It

29 May 2015

There are times when air passengers will be informed that their flight got delayed, cancelled or they’re denied boarding. It can really make people feel frustrated over the huge inconvenience. Most victims of such delays do not seek compensation for their time wasted by such delays, probably because airlines have for so long had a free hand in such matters. However, the establishment of Flight Delay Compensation Regulation by the European Union in early 2005 changed this; airlines are now required to provide compensation for late flights.

Also known as Regulation (EC) No 261/2004, there are three situations that make passengers eligible for compensation. These are when passengers get denied to board, flight cancellations and delayed flights. Passengers are also entitled compensation by airlines in the event that overbooking results in their inability to board such a flight or when space is unavailable for them in the class that they had booked.

The Flight Delay Compensation Regulation is applicable to flights departing from an airport located in a member state of the European Union or any airlines based in the European Union no matter where the airline is travelling from or too. All European Union airlines are covered in the Flight Delay Compensation Regulations and are therefore required to provide their passengers flight compensation.

To qualify for delayed flight compensation, a passenger must have evidence of confirmation of a reservation on the flight in question. This means that one must always ensure that they confirm reservation to a flight and arrive on time for check-in as will be communicated by the airline. In cases where an airline does not communicate the check-in time, a passenger should check in at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight. Of course, it may be different from one scenario to another but you can seek help from flight compensation experts.

Obtaining compensation is relatively easy, since it is covered by this regulation. If you have been a victim of a cancelled flight or wants assistance in asking for a compensation for late flights, it is advisable that you seek help from an expert so you know what you’re entitled with to get.



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