Flight Delay Compensation Law



EC Regulation 261/2004 is an EU Regulation ruling for flight claim compensation in the event of a flight delay, a flight cancellation or denial of boarding. The Regulation went into effect on 18th February 2005. Technically airlines should back date all flight delay compensation claims to the time when Regulation 261/2004 came into affect. In practice, the statute of limitations for flight claims in the UK is 6 years. Therefore the only flight compensation claims that can be brought before the court by Flight Claim UK is within the previous 6 years.Regulation 261/2004 sets out the entitlements of air passengers when a flight they intend to travel on is delayed or cancelled, or when they are denied boarding to such a flight due to overbooking, or when the airline is unable to accommodate them in the class they had booked.

The Regulation generally applies to any passenger departing from an airport within the EU or travelling to an EU Member State using an airline based in an EU member state.