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03 Jul 2015

If you enjoy going on a vacation, it can be very frustrating when you suddenly experience a delay in flight. If you’re going to another country for a business meeting, it can be annoying when you’re informed of the delay, you may even miss an important meeting. Even if you get to another flight, your schedule is already affected. Flight delays and cancellations can be a nightmare. Thankfully, in most cases were the delay is over 3 hours, you as the passenger of a delayed flight have the right to claim flight compensation.

There are however, some things you should know about making your claim. Many people think that claiming compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight is difficult, with Flight Claim UK it isn’t. Many people are often hesitant to make a claim because they don’t know when such a request is appropriate or how much they are entitled to. If you are unsure, there are some simple reasons specified in the Flight Delay Compensation Regulation where you will not be entitled to flight compensation. If you don’t think that your flight is affected by one of these reasons, then you are almost certainly entitled to flight delay compensation.

Flights are often delayed for a variety of reasons. Whilst the majority of flight delays over 3 hours are eligible for compensation, there are times when it can be the result of an extenuating circumstance such as severe weather conditions, security risks or strikes. If this is the reason for your delayed flight, then often it is unlikely you will be able to claim for compensation. It is for the airline to prove that it wasn’t their fault why your flight got delayed or cancelled, so if they can’t, you have a great chance of winning your flight delay compensation claim. Acceptable reasons for delay compensation include the airline overbooking the flight, any technical problems which can be avoided if the crew did a maintenance check, or if the airline is understaffed or simply late. Anything outside the extenuating or extraordinary circumstances are acceptable and people are entitled to file for a claim should it be proven that the airline has not done everything it can to prevent the delay.

By being informed of what causes flight delays or cancellations and when it is acceptable to request delayed flight compensation, you’ll know when you’re entitled to compensation and you won’t be afraid to claim for it when you are. If you have any questions, if you are unsure or you want help in claiming compensation, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always happy to help.



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