What Can You Claim Flight Compensation For?

24 Apr 2015

Flight compensation is something that we all know exists, but when we suffer flight delay compensation or similar it can be difficult to know when we can claim and what we are entitled to. Here is a quick rundown of scenarios when you will be eligible to claim flight compensation:

  • Delayed Flights

If your flight is delayed for longer than 3 hours you will be able to claim flight delay compensation. The only scenario in which this will not be possible is if your airline claims the delay is due to extraordinary circumstances (and if they do it is always worth challenging). The delayed flight compensation amount you will be entitled to has been fixed by the EU and is based upon the distance of your flight and how long you were delayed for.

  • Cancelled Flights

If your flight is cancelled then you are always entitled to a refund or to be rerouted. In addition, if the cancellation was the fault of the airline and not due to extraordinary circumstances, and if you were given less than two weeks notice, then you will also be entitled to compensation under EU law. Again, the amount that you are due depends on the flight distance and the notice you were given.

  • Overbooking

If an airline overbooks a plane, they will request that some passengers volunteer to give up their seats and be refunded or rerouted. If no one or not enough people volunteer, then they will deny some passengers the right to board. If this happens to you then you are definitely entitled to flight compensation. In fact, the airline should offer this to you immediately as overbooking will always be their fault.



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