What Are Your Rights When It Comes To Flight Delayed Compensation?

24 Apr 2015

If you are on an EU flight, you have a right to get compensated when your flight is delayed for more than three hours. The flight delayed compensation is provisioned under EU rule 261/2004. When successful in claiming this compensation, you can get between £200 and £500 per passenger, including children, but first, you have to fully understand your rights in this regard.

Rights Regarding Flight Delays
– It is possible to make claims for compensation for EU flight delays you experienced way back in February 2005. So, your delayed flight compensation does not have to be restricted to a delay you have experienced lately. It is also worth noting that compensation claims stretching back beyond 2009 are less likely to succeed.
– For the compensation to be claimed, the flight in question also needs to be an EU flight. Technically this means that not all delayed flights that land in the EU entitle you to the compensation. Nevertheless, all flights leaving the EU region are subject to these rules, regardless of whether they are by EU airlines.
– Your rights to claim flight compensation are also limited to delays that can be directly attributed to the airline. For instance, if the delay was caused by a stormy weather or political crises, then you have no claim. Nevertheless, if the delay was caused by something within the airline’s control, they you have a right to claim delayed flight compensation.
– The right to claim compensation can also be affected by the length of the delay. Firstly, the delay must be over 3 hours late. Additionally, if a flight leaves more than three hours late, you cannot claim compensation if it arrives less than three hours after the scheduled arrival time.

The rights to get flight delayed compensation from EU airlines are quite straightforward. Basically, passengers can claim compensation from as far back as February 2005. Additionally, for a passenger to have any rightful claim to flight delay compensation, it must be clear that the delay was the result of the airline’s fault, and not something like poor weather, and that the delay exceeds 3 hours.



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