How To Go About Claiming Flight Delay Compensation And How Much To Claim

24 Apr 2015

Flight delay compensation is a right that is available to passengers who are delayed during air travel. In the UK, flight delay rights are available to air passengers, thanks to the European Union’s Regulation EC 261/2004. When a flight is delayed or cancelled, the passenger has the right to claim compensation for refreshments, snacks, and accommodation, as well as statutory compensation for the inconvenience caused.

For a passenger to claim compensation, the delay has to be at least three hours long. Airlines can try to circumvent the obligation to pay compensation by attributing the delay to “extraordinary circumstances”. Often they are wrong in doing so. Consequently, passengers who feel that they have a valid claim should involve professionals in pursuing flight compensation claims to improve their chances of being compensated. If the delay is not determined to be the airline’s fault, no claim can be paid. Additionally, the claims only relate to EU-regulated flights, which means that the flight must be from an EU airport or by an EU airline such as Virgin.

Delayed flight compensation is determined using the distance of the flight and the length of the delay. The claimed compensation can be between £200 and £500 per passenger, including children. For flights below 1,500km, passengers can claim up to £200. Delays of over 3 hours between 1,500 and 3,500km, and any flight within the EU over 1,500km can get up to £330 in compensation. For delays exceeding 4 hours between an EU and a non-EU airport and exceeding 3500 km, a passenger can claim up to £500. If the delay also culminated in a flight cancellation, the passenger is also entitled to a refund of the fare paid for the flight.

Flight delay compensation has been a welcome relief for air passengers whose time and money is wasted because of delayed flights. In general, it has to be determined that the airline was responsible, which is why a professional should be consulted if possible. Other than that, passengers are entitled to claim up to £500.



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