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Claiming Flight Compensation – Flight Compensation – Flight Claim UK

If you enjoy going on a vacation, it can be very frustrating when you suddenly experience a delay in flight. If you’re going to another country for a business meeting, it can be annoying when you’re informed of the delay, you may even miss an important meeting. Even if you get to another flight, your schedule is already affected. Flight delays and cancellations can be a nightmare. Thankfully, in most...



Booked a holiday this year? Here’s how to claim tax back for your child’s flight

Parents can claim cash back for flights taken after May 1 Parents who booked flights for their children this summer can now claim the tax back for their trip - and here’s how to do it. Air passenger duty (APD) for children under 12 was abolished on economy class bookings from May 1. Families who booked and paid for flights before that date - but who have yet to travel...



Compensation for Late Flights: Things You Need To Know About It

There are times when air passengers will be informed that their flight got delayed, cancelled or they’re denied boarding. It can really make people feel frustrated over the huge inconvenience. Most victims of such delays do not seek compensation for their time wasted by such delays, probably because airlines have for so long had a free hand in such matters. However, the establishment of Flight Delay Compensation Regulation by the...



What Are Your Rights When It Comes To Flight Delayed Compensation?

If you are on an EU flight, you have a right to get compensated when your flight is delayed for more than three hours. The flight delayed compensation is provisioned under EU rule 261/2004. When successful in claiming this compensation, you can get between £200 and £500 per passenger, including children, but first, you have to fully understand your rights in this regard. Rights Regarding Flight Delays – It is...



How To Go About Claiming Flight Delay Compensation And How Much To Claim

Flight delay compensation is a right that is available to passengers who are delayed during air travel. In the UK, flight delay rights are available to air passengers, thanks to the European Union’s Regulation EC 261/2004. When a flight is delayed or cancelled, the passenger has the right to claim compensation for refreshments, snacks, and accommodation, as well as statutory compensation for the inconvenience caused. For a passenger to claim...



What Can You Claim Flight Compensation For?

Flight compensation is something that we all know exists, but when we suffer flight delay compensation or similar it can be difficult to know when we can claim and what we are entitled to. Here is a quick rundown of scenarios when you will be eligible to claim flight compensation: Delayed Flights If your flight is delayed for longer than 3 hours you will be able to claim flight delay...



When Am I Entitled To Delayed Flight Compensation?

A delayed flight can sometimes be more than just a mere inconvenience. In fact, a late flight can cause serious disruption to your travel plans, and may cost you a significant amount of money. Here we discuss when you are entitled to flight delay compensation. If you fly with an EU based airline, or from a non-EU airline from an EU airport, then you’ll be protected by the EU Regulations....