When Am I Entitled To Delayed Flight Compensation?

24 Apr 2015

A delayed flight can sometimes be more than just a mere inconvenience. In fact, a late flight can cause serious disruption to your travel plans, and may cost you a significant amount of money. Here we discuss when you are entitled to flight delay compensation.

If you fly with an EU based airline, or from a non-EU airline from an EU airport, then you’ll be protected by the EU Regulations. These state that you are entitled to claim flight delay compensation if your flight is delayed, cancelled or you are denied boarding. This compensation will depend upon the length of the flight and the delay as well as the reason for the delay. However, the amounts that you are entitled to are fixed. For example, for a flight of less than 1,500 km that is delayed for over three hours, the compensation will be up to £210. However, for a flight of over 3,500 km that is delayed for longer than four hours, the compensation will be up to £510.

Generally you can claim flight compensation providing that the delay is not due to something beyond the control of the airline. If your airline claims that extraordinary circumstances occurred and you aren’t sure, then it may be worth challenging their claim with a specialist firm. Often, airlines will state that flight delays were caused by extraordinary circumstances when it is not actually the truth. It may be wise to speak with experts before making your flight compensation claim. It is also worth noting on the rare occasion that when extraordinary circumstances have occurred, you are still entitled to assistance from the airline. Again this depends on the length of your flight and the delay and includes things like meals, accommodation and hotel transfers. You may also reclaim these later, if you paid them yourself.

If you think you are entitled to delayed flight compensation, it is well worth discussing your case with a specialist firm that understands just what you are entitled to and the best way to get it.



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